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ins: tonggg_wu

About Tong Wu

Tong Wu is an New York-based new media artist, photographer and creative technologist originally from Quanzhou, Fujian, China. Holding a BA degree in photojournalism from the University of Maryland, College Park, (2016), Tong is a current student of the Interactive Telecommunications Graduate Program (ITP) at New York University (2019).

She creates hybrid installation, performance, and web-based art that fuses video, text, avatars, voices and a bit of crazy thoughts. Using coding languages and multimedia tools, Tong projects her observation of social issues and identity confusions onto her work to create immersive narratives in a poetic and tangible world.   

吴桐,现居纽约的多媒体交互艺术家,纽约大学Tisch学院的ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program)专业研究生在读。在开始艺术家生涯之前,她在美国华盛顿学习和从事新闻摄影以及纪录片拍摄。她的作品大多源于她对于社会结构和身份认知的观察与思考,通过结合多种呈现媒介,包括视觉影像,网页,装置艺术,表演以及人声,并使用编程语言和跨媒体工具,她试图用作品去探索和构建一个诗意而充满叙事性的有形世界。 


Koganecho Artist in Residency, Yokohama, Japan (Spring 2019)

Exhibition / Performance / Seminar

- 2019 

Currents New Media 2019, Santa Fe, USA (Upcoming)

CultureHub, Re-fest, New York, USA March 2019

“New Media as the medium and method”, Artist Talk, Xiamen, China

泉州市の文化的遺産と新芸術計画 , Yokohama, Japan

天地无用,われもの注意 Yokohama, Japan

- 2018 

“Spirit-slist”, performance, Maker Faire, New York, USA

“Seance”, performance, CultureHub, New York, USA