Performative Avatar: Morphing and rigging

Reading Questions:

  • Based on the readings, the male-gazed tendency of android/smart helper design actually fulfills the male fantasies on females. We seem to be a long way from the sensitive and caring robotic lover imagined by proponents of this technology. Would this tendency therefore lead to lower level of tolerance and consideration when it comes to real-human relationship?

  • Or it will just lead to a new era of human developing relationship or obsession with the androids they make? What could be some possible ethical discussion/dilemma rising from it?

Scan Morphing & Rigging

I used the scan of mine from last week to start morphing and rigging. When setting up the alignment points, I soon realized it’s really important to wear clothes that fits your body. My loose pants no matter makes it difficult to clearly mark each part of my legs, but also makes the final avatar to look bulky.

One of my favorite animations from Mixamo is called “Can can”. The avatar has its arms in a “T” shape and does high knee exercise constantly, which makes it easy to check if I have parts like arm pit and between-legs well scanned. As seen in the gif, the right arm pit part wasn’t well scanned, probably because of the loose blouse I wore.

Samba Dance.gif
Can can.gif