Tong Wu, born in China, is an interaction designer and new media artist raised on the Internet, and now working and living in New York.

As a previous photojournalist, her work focuses the fluid and unprecedented relationships and the dynamic power game we, the Internet users, are constantly developing with ourselves, within the community, and with a social system of control that are heavily intervened by machine.

Obsessed with the idea of “seeing” as a natural metaphor of obtaining power, Tong creates work with strong visual elements that illuminate and critiques our current digital identity crisis as both the observer and the observed through digital mediums including websites narratives, videos, hybrid digital sculptures, human avatars, mixed realities, and immersive performances.

Influenced by the social and artistic theories and practices of Gilles Deleuze, Karl Marx, and Hito Steyerl, Tong uses metaphor and humor to reveal deeper dystopian truths about the changing nature of machines and human beings. Her work asks: What am I, am I a person, a product, or an object?

Through her conceptual practices, Tong reconstructs speculative digital identities that speak to the profound alienation experienced by humans as they adjust to an era of massive technological power, consumption, and control.

Tong is a recent graduate of Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, a graduate program focusing on experimental and artistic uses of technology. She has shown her work internationally in Europe, North America and Japan including IDFA DocLab (Upcoming), Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ReFest in CultureHub, New York, and Koganecho Art Management Center in Yokohama, Japan.


Award for Immersive Non-Fiction & Special Jury Award for Creative Technology, IDFA DocLab / info page

Selected Exhibitions / Talks:

Group Exhibitions:

11/2019: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam DocLab, Amsterdam, Netherland (Upcoming)

06/2019: Currents New Media 2019, Santa Fe, United States

03/2019: CultureHub, Re-fest 2019, New York, United States

01/2019: “A New Art Project and Cultural Heritage from Quanzhou” / 泉州市の文化的遺産と新芸術計画 , Yokohama, Japan (Japanese)

11/2018: Pop Up Windows 2018, New York, United States

10/2018: “Spirit-slist”, performance, Maker Faire, New York, United States

05/2018: “Seance”, performance, CultureHub, New York, United States

Artist Talks:

07/2019: Am I a human? Examining Social Relationship in the Digital Age through New Media Art, Online, Zuibishe WeChat Platform


06/2019: The Observed and the Observer, Santa Fe, United States

01/2019: New Media as the Medium and Method, Artist Talk, Xiamen, China (Chinese)

Publications of personal projects:

09/2019: Critique by Lisa Jamhoury with Adobe Machine Intelligence Design, Medium Article

06/2019: Interviewed by Zuibishe new media platform for master thesis “Daily Dividual”, Video and Text (Chinese)