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Tong Wu is a new media artist, interaction designer and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Her work focuses on the relationship between technology, art, human behavior, and power. Using videos, human avatars, mixed realities, and hybrid digital sculptures, she creates work that illuminates and critiques our current digital identity crisis. Influenced by the social and artistic theories and practices of Deleuze and Marx, Wu uses metaphor and humor to reveal deeper dystopian truths about the changing nature of machines and human beings.

Her work asks: What am I? Am I a human, a machine, or a product? Through practices that include web-based narratives and augmented reality projects, she reconstructs performative, poetic digital identities that speak to the profound alienation experienced by humans as they adjust to an era of massive technological power, consumption, and control.

Tong has shown her work internationally in North America and Japan including Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ReFest in CultureHub, New York and Koganecho Art Management Center in Yokohama, Japan.

Selected Exhibitions / Talks:

Group Exhibition:

06/2019: Currents New Media 2019, Santa Fe, United States

03/2019: CultureHub, Re-fest 2019, New York, United States

01/2019: “New Media as the medium and method”, Artist Talk, Xiamen, China

01/2019: 泉州市の文化的遺産と新芸術計画 , Yokohama, Japan

10/2018: “Spirit-slist”, performance, Maker Faire, New York, USA

05/2018: “Seance”, performance, CultureHub, New York, USA

Publications of personal projects:

07/2019: Critique by Lisa Jamhoury of Tong Wu’s individual ive web-based project “Into My Eyes” (English)

06/2019: Video & Text Interview for Tong Wu’s thesis project “Daily Dividual” (Chinese)