Narrative Self

Work Type : #Augmented Reality #Interactive #SocialCriticism #Collaborative
Developer Tools : Unity, ARKit


“What does my anxiety look like?”

Made in collaboration with Yiyao Nie

For long we’ve been thinking about how we communicate our feelings to others, and how we perceive and understand other people’s feeling. The core concept of this AR practice is to visualize the indescribable feeling of anxiety. Based on personal experience, research and one-on-one interview with people, we try to approach the feelings of anxiety into different aspects, including invisible pressure, hypothetical judgement from others, panic attack, insomnia…

增强现实作品 “Narrative Self (叙事性自我)” 是艺术家对于“人如何谈论自己的感受,又如何感知和理解他人的感受”这个问题的一个探索。
作品着眼于当代都市人群普遍的“焦虑感”,基于对几十位经历过,或者正在经历焦虑感的纽约客个人经历的单独采访,艺术家提取出了四种不同的“焦虑感”情节(无处不在的紧迫感,过度在意他人的眼光,自我怀疑和挫败感,持续失眠), 并将其进行具象化,通过增强现实技术制作成四段沉浸式的互动体验。